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The Mercan Recruit Advantage

We understand that the heart and soul of a company is its people - the men and women who will contribute to its growth and development as well as provide a competitive edge over other industry players. It is imperative to get seasoned professionals with exemplary know-how, skills and character to establish core competencies that will define the company and make it a cut above the rest.


What we do for our clients

  • We design and implement processes to satisfy organization's regional, domestic, and international candidate management requirements
    • Our processes complement our clients’ corporate/organizational culture, respect diversity, protect privacy, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines
  • Stresses collaboration with client managers and other internal stakeholders
    • We promote strong communication and the collaboration to identify and eliminate duplication of effort, achieve consensus, and ultimately reduces cost per hire.
    • We blend best practices with robust technology to expedite talent sourcing and acquisition. With technology embedded into our processes, practices are executed uniformly and redundancies avoided
  • Consistently achieves hard dollar cost savings for our clients

Latest News


As of January 1 2015 Express entry has become the new system for permanent residency applications. Applicants must be accepted and fit the requirements for one of the following programs in order to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry; FSW, FSTP, CEC and PNP. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has

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Canada Reopens Parent and Grandparent (PGP) Sponsorship Program

Beginning January 02, 2014, Canadian citizens and permanent residents may now again sponsor their parents or grandparents under the new Family Class program.


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CIC News

  • Summer 2014 - E-Newsletter
    Temporary Foreign Worker and International Mobility Programs; Express Entry updates; first Start-up Visa permanent residents; and revised Citizenship Act.
  • Effective August 1, 2014, the definition of a dependent child for CIC’s immigration programs will change to under 19 years of age. New application kits will be available on CIC’s website on August 1st.
  • CIT 0532E
    Application for Canadian citizenship – Adults – Canadian Armed Forces – Under Subsection 5(1.2) or 5(1.3) (July 2014)
  • CIT 0534E
    Application to resume Canadian Citizenship - Canadian Armed Forces under subsection 11(1.1) or 11(1.2) (July 2014)