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We at Mercan recognize that the heart and soul of a company is its people  the men and women who will contribute to its growth and development as well as provide a competitive edge over other industry players.


The Express Entry is a management system for some of Canada’s most popular immigration programs. Through Express Entry, eligible candidates are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). .


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is the welcoming doorway to Canadian permanent residence and the path to success for these skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and their families  attracted by the lifestyle, employment and business opportunities offered by the strong, stable economy in Manitoba, Canada.T

Competency-based Interviewing and Assessment

This method has proven to be an effective technique in screening applicants. The interview aims to determine the applicants’ core competencies, technical skills, work experience and other essential personal qualities vis-à-vis the job specifications for the positions to which they are applying.


Competency-Based Workforce Recruitment

Our proven recruitment search and strategic solutions have produced a record of success for our international clients. We stay on top of industry needs, we pre-screen all candidates for our clients, and we provide essential recruitment information – technical and behavioural profile of the candidatesto assist our clients in their manpower needs. We also work closely with our clients, our industry contacts, and our extensive network of professionals in the field we consult to ensure accurate assessment of the candidates’ competencies.


Competency-Based Workforce Selection

Mercan Recruit conducts competency-based selection approach in interviewing and assessing applicants. We sit down with our Clients and analyze the job vacancies in their company. We go into the details of the job description, the responsibilities involved, and the key competencies, qualifications and characteristics applicants must possess to be considered for the open posts. Together we lay out the hiring process and requirements to be accomplished by applicants.


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