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Provincial Express Entry

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Express entry is not limited to the federal programs and may be accessible through provincial nominee programs. A Province or Territory may nominate candidates through the express entry pool in addition to nominating candidates through the existing paper-based process. Through this nomination, candidates acquire an additional 600 points triggering a higher chance of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA). However, they are also subject to the overall nomination space allocated for each province or territory.

NOTE: Alberta, Nunavut and Quebec do not have PNP programs managed through Express Entry

Minimum requirements:
To enter and remain in the Express Entry Pool as a PNP candidate, you must meet both:

  • the Province/Territory minimum criteria and obtain a nomination; and
  • the Express Entry program requirements, which means you must also qualify under the CEC, FSW or FSTP programs.

Note: Some candidates may qualify for more than one Federal Immigration Program (CEC, FSW or FSTP). Processing offices will choose one program per candidate upon submission of the Permanent Residency application.
Note: LOCK-IN-DATES – When applying for the PNP, the age of the principal applicant and dependent family members are locked in at the date their application for PNP was received.
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