Competency-Based Interviewing and Assessment
This method has proven to be an effective technique in screening applicants. The interview aims to determine applicants’ core competencies, technical skills, work experience and other essential personal qualities vis-á-vis the job specifications of the positions they are applying for.

The interview and assessment process are broken down into several stages:

A. Initial Interview

We conduct a meticulous review of the applicant’s education, English Language proficiency and experience. Applicants are interviewed in any of our offices in-person, by telephone, and video conferencing.

B. Behavioral Based Interviewing

Our interview process also includes Behavioral Based Interviewing techniques, which allow us to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates in relation to the specific competencies most critical to the Client’s organization.

C. Knowledge and Skills Assessment

Applicants are engaged in a technical interview conducted by our expert Recruitment Evaluators. This includes a demonstration of skills and abilities to determine their technical aptitude. They are also given a written examination to test competencies and proficiencies acquired through  their education and previous work experience.

D. Video Interview

Qualified applicants must also undergo video interview wherein competency-based questions are asked. Employers can view these anywhere in the world via our iQuest database engine through our website. Video interviews of applicants are used as additional evaluation tool in the  selection process.

E. Overseas Interview

If needed, we can organize travel and interview arrangements for the to interview potential workers in their current place of residence (for large slots groups only).

F. Competency-based Reference Checking

We conduct all work reference reviews and provide our Clients with resumes and supporting documents of pre-screened, qualified foreign workers for their final review and decision. Candidate profiles are submitted to the employer with complete presentations detailing the specific aspects that qualify them to the vacant posts. Once the employers have made a decision to pursue a particular applicant, a complete andn comprehensive referencing process will be undertaken to confirm his/her skills and abilities.

G. Evaluation and Testing

Qualified applicants are given further relevant skills verification tests to validate the degree of their technical aptitude. In Canada, foreign workers may also be required by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (“HRSDC”) to be tested and/or certified. Employers, either through us, or with us, depending on their choice in that regard, may test the workers in their country of residence.

H. Training Modules

Mercan Recruit can develop training modules for workers should employers require them to acquire specific skills and competencies. We have several partnerships with prestigious training centers both private and Government around the globe.