Delivering the Workers to your Doorstep

After identifying qualified workers, we draw up a shortlist. We discuss the vacancy in full with all appropriate candidates before a final shortlist is compiled. Candidates will only be forwarded to employers if they have demonstrated genuine interest in the position. Employers will then give their final decision and return to us with the list of candidates that they have selected. After this, Mercan Recruit shall commence the processing of recruitment and migration documents.

Processing of Required Documents

Since the candidates will come from foreign countries, there are many immigration and travel documents that must be processed. The application process is quite a lengthy and detailed process that requires both parties to submit documents to multiple organizations.  Mercan will support the employer and the employee in every way to facilitate the speedy processing of the application.

Government negotiation and application

  1. Labor Market Opinion Services
    1. All Government applications, i.e. Service Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), including future immigration application for permanent residency (PNP).
    2. Advertising
    3. Application Forms with Government
    4. Develop the employer/employee contract to ensure the Client’s protection.
  2.  Temporary Work Permit Application with CIC Visa Office
  3.  Philippine Government Applications
    1. Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Verification and Authentication
    2. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) processing of Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC) through e-Submission
    3. OWWA and Phil Health applications
    4. Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS). Currently we provide orientation seminar for our departing worker which is accredited by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) as meeting PDOS requirements.
  4. Complete immigration processing, i.e. Temporary and Permanent
  5. Work Permit Processing Service
    1. All Government applications, i.e. Service Canada, CIC, including future immigration application for permanent residency (PNP).

Airline Booking and Deployment Scheduling

Mercan will coordinate with Garda World Security Corporation the purchasing of airline tickets and deployment advice for selected workers either through email communications using our IQuestTM database system or direct phone communications.

Settlement Services (Optional)

Mercan can also provide settlement services, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Settlement services
    1. Developing a community support plan specific to the area and region the foreign worker is employed; which includes emergency service, and immediate and long term needs for the client and the foreign workers families.
    2. Our settlement service includes immediate application for Social Insurance, Health Care and Bank Accounts.
    3. Airport pick-up and delivery to the workplace
  2. Acculturation Assistance
    1. Mercan’s strategy is to work with the local community and religious organization for a smooth transition and fast adaptation of the workers into society and government.
    2. Workers are provided with a pre-departure orientation which prepares them for the living conditions and societal norms of the host country allowing these workers to better adjust and adapt into their new society.
    3. One tenet at Mercan is to provide not only highly productive and high performing workers to employers but also create respectable and law-abiding citizens to their host country.

Housing (Optional)

Furnished, affordable housing will be a key aspect for this project. Due to the shortages in certain cities, it will be time consuming to satisfy housing needs.

We are able to provide this service, however, charges will vary depending on location and extent of services required.