Hiring Filipino Workers

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Over the years, the Philippines has deployed more than three million Filipino workers in 190 destinations in various fields-professional, medical, technical, operations and maintenance, construction, hotel and seafaring sectors.

The recruitment of Filipino workers is done through a systematic recruitment network where foreign principals must course their manpower requirements through POEA-licensed private employment and manning agencies. The Philippine – licensed agency may advertise the job vacancies in local dailies, create a manpower pool, and conduct preliminary screening and interviews of applicants as part of its services for its foreign principal. If the foreign employer is a government entity or a government- owned or controlled company, the latter may opt to course its hiring through the POEA’s Government Placement Branch (GPB).

Private employment agencies are either:

Land-based agencies, which could be any person (natural or juridical) licensed by the POEA to recruit workers for all land-based jobs for and in behalf of its foreign principal; or

Manning agencies, which could be any person (natural or juridical) licensed by the POEA to recruit seafarers to man/board vessels plying international sea lanes and other related maritime activities.

These licensed employment agencies ensure that only Filipino workers are qualified and medically-fit are deployed. Hence, Filipino workers are medically examined by government-accredited medical clinics or hospitals and trade-tested or trained by training centers authorized by the government.

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