The Mercan Recruit Advantage

We understand that the heart and soul of a company is its people – the men and women who will contribute to its growth and development as well as provide a competitive edge over other industry players. It is imperative to get seasoned professionals with exemplary know-how, skills and character to establish core competencies that will define the company and make it a cut above the rest.


What we do for our clients

  • We design and implement processes to satisfy organization’s regional, domestic, and international candidate management requirements
    • Our processes complement our clients’ corporate/organizational culture, respect diversity, protect privacy, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines
  • Stresses collaboration with client managers and other internal stakeholders
    • We promote strong communication and the collaboration to identify and eliminate duplication of effort, achieve consensus, and ultimately reduces cost per hire.
    • We blend best practices with robust technology to expedite talent sourcing and acquisition. With technology embedded into our processes, practices are executed uniformly and redundancies avoided
  • Consistently achieves hard dollar cost savings for our clients